“I can see clearly, now”

OK, so that statement is not quite as wacky as you might think. When was the last time you thoroughly cleaned the inside of your vehicle’s windows – and just after your dog sprayed drool from the back seat that you attempted to wipe off with a soiled fast food napkin does … [Read more...]

Invest your money wisely

Have you ever looked through used vehicle listings in the local newspaper, or even specialty publications? How about online? The price for similar “sounding" vehicles can vary greatly. Take a look at other reputable resources such as autoTRADER.ca and Canadian Black … [Read more...]

On the road again…

For the past few months we’ve been talking about Krown Rust Control Hamilton and their busy location onRymal Road East. But Ken Parkinson would also like you to be aware that many of his industrial and commercial clients cannot come to him. Being the enterprising … [Read more...]

Krown Rust Control Hamilton FAQ – part 4

This is the final installment of a compilation of frequently asked questions by informed individuals who, initially, may have been skeptical to the claims that Krown Rust Control Hamilton makes. And who can blame them? Ken Parkinson is here to tell you that his Krown outlet … [Read more...]

Krown Rust Control Hamilton FAQ – part 3

Seems customers have many great questions relative to Krown Rust Control. There are many different types of after-market rust inhibitor products. Some are more effective than others; some cost more, some cost less. By being an informed consumer, you will make the best … [Read more...]

Krown Rust Control Hamilton FAQ – part 2

Here we have the second part of our refresher on Krown Rust Control Hamilton; some more frequently asked questions by customers. When is the best time of year to have my car sprayed? If your vehicle has never been protected, then the best time to spray it is right now. … [Read more...]

Krown Rust Control Hamilton FAQ – part 1

If you have arrived late to this information party and want to catch up on Krown and specifically Krown Rust Control (Hamilton), the next few articles will provide all the background you will need to be a better informed consumer. What is Krown? Krown is designed to … [Read more...]

It’s all in the details

Now that you are more aware of the overall benefits of protecting one of your family’s investments, you might even consider taking things just a little further. Ken Parkinson of Krown Rust Control Hamilton offers a comprehensive interior detailing and exterior polishing … [Read more...]

Hedging your bets

Today, vehicle safety is at its highest standard in history. While higher prices and the abundance of safety features and added technology continues, generally-speaking, we are all now looking to hold onto our cars, trucks or vans for much longer. However, over time, rust … [Read more...]

When a typical car wash may not be enough

As you already know, in an attempt to keep our highways and byways clear of snow, ice and general sludge during the winter, local municipalities use all manner of product to help them in their mission. Common products used include sand, magnesium chloride and, of course, the … [Read more...]

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