Pander your vehicle – give it regular baths!

As children, being made to take a bath after a hard day’s adventure of being a pirate, explorer or just being a kid, was the last thing you wanted to do. But then once you were in the warm soapy water, your feelings towards bathing changed. Now you were an intrepid maritime … [Read more...]

Every business thrives on repeat customers

And Ken Parkinson’s Krown Rust Control Hamilton is no exception. He has seen the benefits of the Krown process when applied as part of an annual maintenance programme with all manner of machinery, cars, trucks and work vehicles over the years. Ken is fully aware that the … [Read more...]

Helpful winter hints – part 2

Last time we started to talk about helpful hints that are easy to initiate to prepare any vehicle for winter as related by Ken Parkinson, owner/operator and automotive resource of Krown Rust Control Hamilton. In the habit of leaving your vehicle exposed to the elements all … [Read more...]

What will a Krown treatment cost?

Now that your curiosity has been piqued and you’re about to make the next move, obviously, you want to know how much a treatment will cost. Fair enough. For all cars, regardless of size, whether it’s a Smart FourTwo or an older Cadillac Deville, $119.95. For small, 2-door … [Read more...]