Every business thrives on repeat customers

And Ken Parkinson’s Krown Rust Control Hamilton is no exception. He has seen the benefits of the Krown process when applied as part of an annual maintenance programme with all manner of machinery, cars, trucks and work vehicles over the years. Ken is fully aware that the … [Read more...]

Environmentally conscious – just like many clients

Ken Parkinson’s busy Hamilton location, just like every other Krown facility, is equipped with an oil separator in the floor to clean all water that leaves the shop through the drains. Oil captured in the separators becomes part of recycled material that is pumped out and … [Read more...]

If it moves, Krown can protect!

You might, however, be mistaken in believing that Krown’s innovative automobile body maintenance programme only applies to smaller vehicles such as family transport. Not necessarily so; Ken Parkinson’s crew at Krown Rust Control on Rymal Road East would beg to differ. A … [Read more...]

Krown solutions available over the counter

Were you aware that it is possible to purchase the very same product that Krown Rust Control Hamilton would use to treat your car – over the counter? Krown's T40 is Canada's #1 rust protection – and it’s also now available in an aerosol can. Just as your car, truck or work … [Read more...]

How do you like us now?

Let’s be absolutely clear about a few facts regarding Krown Rust Control. Krown Rust Control has beenCanada's #1 after market rust protection system for over 25 years - and for some very good reasons. In 1986, a small group of automotive experts came together to change the … [Read more...]

Helpful winter hints – part 3

We’ve itemized a few things that you can do for and with your vehicle to help it do the best possible job for you and your family – or business through the winter months. Now it’s time for Ken Parkinson of Krown Rust Control Hamilton to pass on some sage advice, one or two … [Read more...]

Helpful winter hints – part 1

Consider Ken Parkinson, owner/operator at Krown Rust Control Hamilton as a resource when it comes to your vehicle. While specialists in treating vehicles and even equipment with anti-rust and corrosive solutions, they also know a thing or two about cars, light trucks, vans … [Read more...]

More older vehicles on our roads today…

Just this October a report was issued by the esteemed Canadian automotive consulting group, DesRosiers Automotive Consultants Inc. (DAC). To be clear, DAC has nothing to do with Krown Rust Control Hamilton. They are being introduced here as a recognized industry … [Read more...]

Buy, sell or trade… an endless cycle

OK, so let’s be perfectly frank; all auto manufacturers would be really happy if you were to consider trading in your vehicle and driving off with a newer, latest and greatest model every three to four years. Ever wondered why a dealership’s leasing programmes tend to be, … [Read more...]

Do you hate winter and road salt?

While the winter season in this part of the world is relatively short, those few months can wreak havoc on so many things – from clothing and shoes to the interior of your vehicle – specifically, the carpet-like material and mats we tend to ignore. This region’s road crews … [Read more...]