Prolong the life of your vehicle – part 2

Previously, Ken Parkinson, owner/operator of Krown Rust Control Hamilton told us of the number of vehicles that end up in landfill sites – many prematurely. Today we’ll begin to tell you what steps you can take to at the very least, slow down this process of … [Read more...]

Prolong the life of your vehicle – part 1

Did you know that in spite of your car or truck being comprised of steel and many other materials that will, if untreated, corrode, wear out and ultimately break down, you can take some simple steps to slow down time and the insidious damage that moisture can cause? Over … [Read more...]

CAA and Krown – a truly dynamic duo

Are you a member of the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA)? Do you dutifully renew your membership annually without a second thought? Is your CAA membership an insurance policy for you – inasmuch as should you run out of gas or break down you can make one call and have … [Read more...]

Looking forward – never back

To be 100 per cent clear; the basic ingredients of the Krown product contains no solvents, no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and no toxins. Krown Rust Control feels that the lessened impact to the planet makes the additional expenses they incur more than worthwhile. On … [Read more...]

Krown Rust Control – an eco-friendly company

At Krown Rust Control their long-term objective is to help protect you and your car with the use of environmentally safe and eco-driven products. And in doing so, are helping communities reduce the number of rusted out car, truck and van bodies that are abandoned and left to … [Read more...]

What happens when my vehicle is at Krown?

When you make the commitment to bring your vehicle into our service centre, the staff at Krown will show you how the initial application of Krown’s proven effective rust inhibition treatments can be. They won’t hide anything from you. In fact, they encourage you to watch … [Read more...]

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