A partnership that offers value

If you are, like many Canadians, a member of the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) you may be aware of some of the benefits of your annual subscription. Many consider CAA’s roadside assistance plan as a valuable asset and for the most part, rarely does CAA cross their … [Read more...]

Buy, sell or trade… an endless cycle

These days the overall direction of this country’s economic future is still uncertain. Even though automotive manufacturers are doing all they can to entice customers into a new vehicle more often with zero percent financing rates and terms of up to 84 months to pay off a … [Read more...]

Krown Rust Control – a “green” company

At Krown Rust Control Hamilton their long-term objective is to help protect you and your car with the use of environmentally safe and eco-driven products. And in doing so, they are helping communities reduce the number of rusted out car, truck and van bodies that are … [Read more...]

With an eye on the future… and a focus on the environment

Virtually every company today reviews their environmental contribution to this planet. New legislation and new environmental initiatives makes it necessary for companies to constantly examine both the products they produce and the way they do business. Krown Rust Control … [Read more...]

Krown Rust Control Hamilton FAQ – part 1

If you have arrived late to this information party and want to catch up on Krown and specifically Krown Rust Control (Hamilton), the next few articles will provide all the background you will need to be a better informed consumer. What is Krown? Krown is designed to … [Read more...]

Time to start thinking about spring…

Seems as if we’ve been talking about winter and what it can do your vehicle – especially if unprepared. Again, here’s where the well-qualified expertise of someone like Ken Parkinson of Krown Rust Control Hamilton can work with you and provide some simple and timely advice … [Read more...]

Additional protection for the interior and passengers

Have you ever walked through a parking lot and cast admiring glances at the nice looking car whose windows are tinted and thought, “Hmmm… what if…?” Well it is possible, affordable and available to be done just about anytime. Give Ken Parkinson a call at Krown Rust … [Read more...]

Customizing a commercial van’s interior

Krown Rust Control Hamilton specializes in applying cost-saving anti-rust treatments to all kinds of vehicles and equipment. However, Ken Parkinson and his highly-trained team also want to let you know that they can help with other areas that may even improve the efficiency … [Read more...]

Windshield wiper blades

Rapidly changing road, weather and traffic conditions make properly functioning windshield wipers extremely important. Visibility is crucial to safe, responsible driving. Ken Parkinson of Krown Rust Control Hamilton is here to give you the inside scoop on replacing these … [Read more...]

Prolong the life of your vehicle – part 3

Ken Parkinson of Krown Rust Control Hamilton knows a thing or two about cars, trucks, SUVs and even heavy commercial and industrial equipment. He also understand that to get the most from your investment whether it’s to take the kids to school or haul 5-ton loads one trip at … [Read more...]

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