Why Should I Rustproof My Car?

Rust protection for cars is especially important, given the extreme weather we see in Canada. Rust happens from a simple chemical reaction between metals and oxygen — more specifically, the oxygen found in snow and rain. All the wet mud and salt-filled snow that collects … [Read more...]

What Does Rust Do to the Resale Value of My Car?

Forget what your mother told you. Looks are important, especially when it comes to the resale value of your car. A car that has faded paint, nicks and scratches or rust reflects poorly on the owner and gives the impression that the vehicle has not been cared for. Not many … [Read more...]

Is Car Rust Reversible?

As rust protection experts, we would love to tell you that rust is reversible. Sadly, it is not. Once rust sets in, it weakens metal on a molecular level. There is no way to rebuild the deteriorated state of the metal at this point. You can remove the rust. You can scrape … [Read more...]

How to Inspect a Car for Rust

Buying a used car can be a gamble. In many cases, there are obvious signs that a car is in disrepair. In other cases, the signs are not as clear. Rust is one of the telltale signs on a used car that indicate excessive wear and tear. Where to Check for Rust on a Vehicle The … [Read more...]

Do Canada’s Winters Cause More Rust on Cars?

Canadians definitely have to deal with rougher winters than most of our American neighbours do. But does that mean we need to rustproof our cars more often? It’s a good question. As anyone who drives in Ontario knows, winter means lots of snow and salt. Wet weather and … [Read more...]

Reducing your carbon footprint with rust-proofing

Krown Rust Hamilton’s is not exactly the first thing that springs to mind when looking for an environmentally conscious place to spend your money. You might want to reconsider that: cars are one of the leading sources of greenhouse gases and other waste. You would go out of … [Read more...]

Thank you, and come again!

Krown Rust Hamilton’s owner Ken Parkinson loves repeat customers. Sure, any company wants those extra dollars, but for small businesses there’s an extra boost. Repeat business brings company owners the satisfaction of knowing that their customers think that they’re doing a … [Read more...]

Know the facts: how rust-proofing really works

Krown Rust Hamilton on Rymal Road is one of Hamilton’s best-known rust-proofing services. But, what do they actually do? The industry standard for vehicle rust-proofing is an oil-spray treatment. Through a combination of oil’s well-known inability to mix with water and the … [Read more...]

Rust-proofing your car: Does it really work?

Krown Rust Hamilton is one of Hamilton’s best-known vehicle rust-proofing companies. Many consumers use a service like theirs, looking to keep their cars rust-free for longer. That said, the question really is: does rust-proofing really do what’s claimed for it? Like a lot … [Read more...]

The Hidden Benefits of CAA Membership

Krown Rust Hamilton is teaming up with the Canadian Automobile Association to bring special deals to association members. Everyone knows the CAA for its roadside assistance plans, but most people think that the benefits of being a member begin and end there. That’s not the … [Read more...]