The Hidden Benefits of CAA Membership

Krown Rust Hamilton is teaming up with the Canadian Automobile Association to bring special deals to association members. Everyone knows the CAA for its roadside assistance plans, but most people think that the benefits of being a member begin and end there. That’s not … [Read more...]

Pander your vehicle – give it regular baths!

As children, being made to take a bath after a hard day’s adventure of being a pirate, explorer or just being a kid, was the last thing you wanted to do. But then once you were in the warm soapy water, your feelings towards bathing changed. Now you were an intrepid maritime … [Read more...]

A partnership that offers value

If you are, like many Canadians, a member of the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) you may be aware of some of the benefits of your annual subscription. Many consider CAA’s roadside assistance plan as a valuable asset and for the most part, rarely does CAA cross their … [Read more...]

Buy, sell or trade… an endless cycle

These days the overall direction of this country’s economic future is still uncertain. Even though automotive manufacturers are doing all they can to entice customers into a new vehicle more often with zero percent financing rates and terms of up to 84 months to pay off a … [Read more...]

Every business thrives on repeat customers

And Ken Parkinson’s Krown Rust Control Hamilton is no exception. He has seen the benefits of the Krown process when applied as part of an annual maintenance programme with all manner of machinery, cars, trucks and work vehicles over the years. Ken is fully aware that the … [Read more...]

Environmentally conscious – just like many clients

Ken Parkinson’s busy Hamilton location, just like every other Krown facility, is equipped with an oil separator in the floor to clean all water that leaves the shop through the drains. Oil captured in the separators becomes part of recycled material that is pumped out and … [Read more...]

Krown Rust Control – a “green” company

At Krown Rust Control Hamilton their long-term objective is to help protect you and your car with the use of environmentally safe and eco-driven products. And in doing so, they are helping communities reduce the number of rusted out car, truck and van bodies that are … [Read more...]

If it moves, Krown can protect!

You might, however, be mistaken in believing that Krown’s innovative automobile body maintenance programme only applies to smaller vehicles such as family transport. Not necessarily so; Ken Parkinson’s crew at Krown Rust Control on Rymal Road East would beg to … [Read more...]

A well-treated vehicle is a safer vehicle

Automotive safety is at its highest standard in history. In fact, designers and engineers the world over continue to work tirelessly to provide you with a much safer vehicle than even five years ago. Overall design and structural process have all been contributing … [Read more...]

Krown solutions available over the counter

Were you aware that it is possible to purchase the very same product that Krown Rust Control Hamilton would use to treat your car – over the counter? Krown's T40 is Canada's #1 rust protection – and it’s also now available in an aerosol can. Just as your car, truck or … [Read more...]

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