The Hidden Benefits of CAA Membership

Krown Rust Hamilton is teaming up with the Canadian Automobile Association to bring special deals to association members.

Everyone knows the CAA for its roadside assistance plans, but most people think that the benefits of being a member begin and end there. That’s not the case. Even if all you’re doing is some shopping for car products, you can think of your annual membership as a loyalty card for multiple stores and services in the Hamilton area. Discounts and deals abound, if you know where to look.

A particular example is Krown Rust Hamilton on Rymal Road near Upper Ottawa Street. You might know them best for their environmentally-friendly automobile rust proofing treatments, a real boon to cars that have to drive on sloppy, salted roads all through an Ontario winter. But, did you also know that as a CAA member, you’re entitled to $10 off when you get one done to your vehicle? You’ll know about those deals, too, as Krown can arrange to keep you informed of their promotions and seasonal specials.

Krown Rust also has a retail side, and your CAA membership entitles you to 20% off most products in their catalog.  Krown products run from aluminum cleaners through salt removers to silicone gloss protectants for rubber—all to keep your car clean and well-maintained through the rough winter months. You can also use them knowing that they’re safe and have a minimal environmental impact.

So go ahead, pull out your neglected CAA card and use it to its full potential. You can find Krown Rust Hamilton at 56 Ditton Dr., Unit D in Hamilton, or call them at 905-575-0577.

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