Thank you, and come again!

Krown Rust Hamilton’s owner Ken Parkinson loves repeat customers. Sure, any company wants those extra dollars, but for small businesses there’s an extra boost. Repeat business brings company owners the satisfaction of knowing that their customers think that they’re doing a good thing and that their services are worth the money.

When it comes to rust-proofing, consumers get a huge benefit when they repeat, too. Rust-proofing is one of those things you need to do regularly to your car, just like checking the brakes or changing the oil. If you don’t, you run the risk winter salt and summer moisture turning the solid metal frame of your vehicle into a rusted mess in just a few years. So, if you go to a place like Krown Rust Hamilton, you know you’re getting into a good habit with people who are enthusiastic about what they can do for you.

That attitude has made some of Ken Parkinson’s customers come back for nearly 20 years in a row. The Earl family from Caledonia first brought in their newly bought Ford Aerostar in 1995, and have returned like clockwork every year since. It’s not just family cars either: Krown handles work vehicles, and even fleet business with their in-demand mobile service.

These days people are extending the life span of their cars so they can spend the money they save on other, more important things. If you end up spending the savings on expensive repairs just to keep the car running longer, though, what’s the point? Investing in maintenance and an annual trip for new rust-proofing is a smart way of keeping your vehicle like new, for longer.

Give Krown Rust Hamilton a try and you may find yourself coming back again and again to their location at 56 Ditton Dr., Unit D. Call for an appointment at 905-575-0577, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter to see what deals are in store for you.

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