Rust-proofing your car: Does it really work?

Krown Rust Hamilton is one of Hamilton’s best-known vehicle rust-proofing companies. Many consumers use a service like theirs, looking to keep their cars rust-free for longer. That said, the question really is: does rust-proofing really do what’s claimed for it?

Like a lot of questions, the answer is “it depends.” There are two different ways of rust-proofing in the aftermarket: oil sprays, and electronic rust control, and they have different reputations.

Oil sprays are the most common way of rust-proofing a vehicle, and they’ve proven to be effective. Oil and water don’t mix, so salty slush and water have a hard time sticking to a car that’s been rust-proofed this way. This kind of treatment has a second point in favour: rusting paradoxically accelerates in the spring and summer, as warm, humid air reaches salt deposited in winter. Oil sprays “creep” into the nooks and seams of your car where unprotected cars hide dried salt that stays for months before being reactivated by humidity.

A recent trend has been to avoid oil-based treatments and use electronic rust control. Progressive companies like Krown Rust Hamilton that have stuck with oil work hard to recycle their sprays, but some consumers are nervous about the effect of petrochemicals on the environment. Electronic rust control promises to be perfectly clean and, let’s face it, the whole idea of plugging a little device to your vehicle and stopping rust dead does seem like it’s the way of the 21st century.

Unfortunately there’s little evidence that this method actually works. A Hamilton company with expertise in testing car-related products came to the conclusion that one brand of electronic rust control device provided no more protection than going without rust-proofing at all.

Which way you choose is up to you, but if you decide to go with the long-established king of rust-proofing treatments, visit Krown Rust Hamilton at 56 Ditton Dr., Unit D, or even just call for more information at 905-575-0577.

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