Reducing your carbon footprint with rust-proofing

Krown Rust Hamilton’s is not exactly the first thing that springs to mind when looking for an environmentally conscious place to spend your money. You might want to reconsider that: cars are one of the leading sources of greenhouse gases and other waste. You would go out of your way to buy a fuel-efficient car if you were looking to reduce your carbon footprint, and you’d try hard to keep it in tune and burning clean even as it got older. So, on a second look it’s not so crazy to think about all aspects of owning a car, including rust-proofing.

Rust-proofing is about extending the life of your car. When a car reaches the end of the road it has two downsides for the environment: a decomposing body that’s only questionably recyclable, and the energy cost of building its replacement. A remarkable fact is that it takes roughly as much CO2 emission to manufacture a new vehicle as that vehicle will put out its tailpipe in its entire life! It’s well worth keeping your car running for a few more years if only to avoid the environmental effects of building another one.

Some green-conscious consumers object to rust-proofing as it involves oil spraying that, on the surface of it, seems environmentally unfriendly. This is why Krown Rust Hamilton makes a strong effort to recapture and recycle the oil  they use when treating a vehicle. Canada has strong laws about what can go down the drain and into your water supply, and Krown has taken that philosophy to heart.

It may not be the most glamorous approach to saving the planet—or the most obvious—but keeping your car in good shape is one of the most effective ways of reducing your carbon footprint. You can call Krown Rust Hamilton at 905-575-0577 and set an appointment with them at their 56 Ditton Rd. location. Being environmentally conscious doesn’t necessarily mean spending more money either. Subscribe to their Twitter  and Facebook page for coupons and news about promotions.

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