Know the facts: how rust-proofing really works

Krown Rust Hamilton on Rymal Road is one of Hamilton’s best-known rust-proofing services. But, what do they actually do?

The industry standard for vehicle rust-proofing is an oil-spray treatment. Through a combination of oil’s well-known inability to mix with water and the rust-inhibiting compounds mixed in with that oil, a yearly application of “the Krown treatment” prevents some rust from occurring and slows down its progress even when it does hit your vehicle.

When the oil spray contacts the surface of your car it lifts off any amount of moisture that might be clinging to it. As thin as water itself, the oil can reach into every little seam and spot weld on your vehicle. Certain parts of the car can’t be got to by a single, short application of the oil, so trained technicians will also drill a few small holes to allow access to the treatment. Car owners are naturally concerned when they hear about that last bit, but the holes are themselves treated to prevent new rust and then sealed up with specially designed grommets. At the end of the process your vehicle still has a nice, clean finish.

Once it’s covered your car and pushed out the water it’s found, the oil spray makes a moisture-resistant bond with the surface of the metal. Its special formulation means that, unlike a lot of other oils, it’s not affected by cleaning—not even with soap. It even creeps back over small areas of damage to the coating, for example those caused by scratches.

Another point of consumer concern is that some oil residue will drip for a couple of days after treatment. On asphalt driveways this disappears within a few weeks, and in the case of concrete or brick surfaces, Krown Rust Hamilton does offer a special cleaning product that will wash stains away.

Visit Krown Rust Hamilton on Facebook, or in person at 56 Ditton Dr., Unit D. You can also contact them for an appointment at 905-575-0577, and keep an eye on their Twitter account for the latest in promotions and coupons.

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