Why Should I Rustproof My Car?

Nov_2015_ShouldYouRustProofRust protection for cars is especially important, given the extreme weather we see in Canada.

Rust happens from a simple chemical reaction between metals and oxygen — more specifically, the oxygen found in snow and rain. All the wet mud and salt-filled snow that collects under your vehicle is a perfect storm that causes rust if you leave it unprotected.

But that’s far from the only threat. Today’s roads are also full of more rust-causing chemicals than in the past.

“The chemicals used on our roads are far more corrosive than those used in the past,” says Freeman Young, president of Krown Rust Control. “Add to this the high humidity and the huge variations in temperature, and you have a recipe for rust.”

Rustproofing your vehicle will keep unsightly rust from showing up on your car. This lengthens the life of any vehicle while protecting its resale value. It also keeps the car safe, as rust can accumulate on the interior frame of the vehicle, which hurts the structural integrity and safety of your car or truck.

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