Is Car Rust Reversible?

Nov_2015_ReversibleAs rust protection experts, we would love to tell you that rust is reversible. Sadly, it is not.

Once rust sets in, it weakens metal on a molecular level. There is no way to rebuild the deteriorated state of the metal at this point.

You can remove the rust. You can scrape it away and remove the appearance of rust. This can give the illusion that your car never had any rust; however, the metal itself has been compromised. It is now missing areas that were once solid and were converted to rust.

So removing the rust from the exterior of your car can help it look newer. However, when rust appears on the interior, engine or frame of your car, you’re facing a more serious problem. Again, there is no way to reverse the process, and the rust is going to drastically hurt the life and resale value of your car.

Preventative steps are still your best bet. You need to fight rust before it shows up. Professionally rustproofing your car remains the best thing you can do to protect your investment and your vehicle.

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