Helpful winter hints – part 2

Last time we started to talk about helpful hints that are easy to initiate to prepare any vehicle for winter as related by Ken Parkinson, owner/operator and automotive resource of Krown Rust Control Hamilton.

In the habit of leaving your vehicle exposed to the elements all season long rather than in a garage? Consider using gas line antifreeze. Avoid frozen fuel lines and trouble starting your car. These problems often occur on days with temperature swings (warmer days, freezing nights). Days like this cause condensation in your fuel tank and the resulting water in your lines freeze. Gas line antifreeze helps the water and fuel mix together to avoid freezing.

To avoid being frozen out of your vehicle? Spray the rubber around your doors and windows with a readily-available silicone based spray and you can avoid being stuck out in the cold.

Your tires are one of the more important assets of your vehicle. Inspect them regularly. This is especially important if you are running with all-season rubber instead of made-for-the-climate, winter tires. If you insist on running on all-season radials, make sure the tread depth is good enough for traction on ice – and snow. Cracked, worn or frayed rubber won’t stand up to freezing temperatures. This type of simple preventive maintenance can save you money later on.

If you have been sensible enough to have Ken apply a protective coating of Krown Rust Control on the underside of your vehicle, consider some good all-round protection, too – for the exterior of your car. Road salt, snow and ice can really do a number on old paint. A solid coating of quality wax, ideally carnauba wax will help protect your paint. Best applied before temps plummet, applying after the fact will still help!

Next time we’ll talk about tips to prepare you for driving this winter.

Call Ken Parkinson at Krown Rust Control Hamilton, 905-575-0577 today. Isn’t it nice to find someone who understands and can help slow the aging process of your vehicle – while protecting its value?

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