Environmentally conscious – just like many clients

shutterstock_110439068Ken Parkinson’s busy Hamilton location, just like every other Krown facility, is equipped with an oil separator in the floor to clean all water that leaves the shop through the drains. Oil captured in the separators becomes part of recycled material that is pumped out and sent off to a refinery to be recycled and reused for other product manufacturing. Even the drums that Krown uses to store and transport their rust inhibitors are part of the recycling program; they are returned to their manufacturing facility, cleaned, dried and refilled over and over.

The three “R’s” at work – reduce, reuse, recycle.

In fact, the basic ingredients of the Krown product contain no solvents, no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and no toxins. Krown Rust Control feels that the reduced impact to the planet makes the additional expenses they incur more than worthwhile.

On top of that, what if Krown could use a recycled, refined and re-cleaned product as one of their ingredients as well? That’s exactly what they do. Over 80% of the ingredients in the Krown product are made up of re-refined materials and additives.

Krown Rust Control has become almost since its inception, an organization that places great emphasis on protecting this earth.

Ken Parkinson’s environmentally-conscious office staff attempts to connect with many customers by telephone or email – making every attempt to minimize paper use. With a client list of more than 5,000 this reduces their reliance on paper and other resources.

Clearly, Krown products are developed for harsh climates and heavy wear and tear. The Krown product provides exceptional protection and lubrication on all kinds of vehicles, machinery – even electrical connections and all metal parts. Call Krown Rust Control Hamilton at (905) 575-0577 today.

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