With an eye on the future… and a focus on the environment

Virtually every company today reviews their environmental contribution to this planet. New legislation and new environmental initiatives makes it necessary for companies to constantly examine both the products they produce and the way they do business.

Krown Rust Control has thought this through very carefully. Their foundation is based on the principle of shrinking waste in the form of vehicles and equipment by making them last longer.

By decreasing corrosion, Krown helps to reduce some of the premature “wear and tear” on vehicles that is often caused by corrosion. Every part of a car, a truck and a trailer is attacked by corrosion and Krown’s goal is to protect the vehicle, therefore extending its life and preventing the need for replacement.

Krown extends the lifecycle of cars, trucks, vans, SUVs heavy industrial and commercial equipment – you name it. If there are moving parts encased in some kind of metal “skin”, there is a need for Krown Rust Control. Vehicles and equipment protected from corrosion last longer and require fewer replacement parts. This results in less scrapped metal and fewer corroded parts that normally end up at the junkyard or landfill site. This desire to be part of the “pollution solution” has been applied to every operation of Krown’s business.

Further the basic ingredients of the Krown Rust Control product contain no solvents, no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and no toxins. In fact over 80% of the ingredients in the Krown product are made up of re-refined materials and additives.

Krown’s clear goal of environmental responsibility does not end there. Every Krown location is equipped with an oil separator in the floor to clean all water that leaves the shop through the drains. All oil captured in the separators becomes part of recycled material that is pumped out and sent off to a refinery to be recycled and reused.

Can Krown do more to be environmentally-responsible? Quite possibly – so the search for eco-innovation continues.

Want to learn more about Krown’s philosophies and initiatives? Call Ken Parkinson at Krown Rust Control Hamilton, (905) 575-0577 today.


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