Wash early – and wash often

Being in close proximity to Lake Ontario, the Hamilton-area can often be subjected to some of nature’s cruel winter jokes – lake-effect snow. This can lead to accumulation of large amounts of the white stuff in fairly short order.

With all that snow and freezing temperatures, packed snow then ice, or worse, slush will soon be present. Compounding this situation is the diligence of city road crews, plows and trucks loaded with salt or even sand that are in abundance, spreading their corrosive load, dealing with a road surface problem quickly, but possibly resulting in long-term issues to your vehicle

“During the winter months, our vehicles can incur serious corrosive damage,” states Ken Parkinson, owner/operator of Krown Rust Control Hamilton. “A thorough wash can make all the difference – especially on a regular basis – including the underside where salt and sand can lurk in the most awkward places!”

Ken is an advocate of washing regularly year round. Were you aware that in the spring there’s lots of pollen and other forms of airborne debris, which should also be washed off of your car as often as possible to protect the paint and finish?

Detailing is a part of Ken’s business at his busy location. As a car care professional he recommends washing any vehicle methodically, even systematically. Start at the top and work to the bottom, one section at a time.

First rinse the entire car with water to remove loose dirt. Wash and rinse one section at a time to prevent drying too quickly and leaving residue. Then gently rub the car’s surface to loosen lingering dirt. Aggressive rubbing can grind dirt into the finish, leaving scratches. Be sure to rinse the wash mitt/sponge often to prevent accumulated dirt from scratching the paint; always use plenty of rinse water. After the final rinse, wipe the excess water from the surface to prevent water spotting with a high-quality leather chamois. Keep the chamois clean to help prevent scratching and wipe the vehicle lightly to soak up water without tarnishing the finish.

Call Krown Rust Control Hamilton at 905-575-0577 today. Slow down the aging process of your vehicle – and protect its value.

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