If it moves, Krown can protect!

You might, however, be mistaken in believing that Krown’s innovative automobile body maintenance programme only applies to smaller vehicles such as family transport.

Not necessarily so; Ken Parkinson’s crew at Krown Rust Control on Rymal Road East would beg to differ.

A large part of their business involves fleet vehicles. And that can mean anything and everything from buses to front-end loaders; tractors to transport trucks; gravel dump trucks to fire engines. If it’s made of metal, has moving parts and has a value, then owners’ need to insure their investments.

When some heavy duty vehicles run in the neighbourhood of three quarters of a million dollars, you will likely not turn it back in for a trade after a few years. To maximize your return on investment, you will do whatever you are fiscally able to protect your investment as much as possible for as long as possible and that’s where Krown’s protect, maintain and save programme is invaluable.

Ken services many different businesses with large equipment on their sites. This mobile service enables Ken and his team to manage an organization’s fleet of vehicles on their turf and as such minimizes expensive downtime. It’s this type of service that differentiates him from his competitors. Long-time clients include inner city bus lines, transportation and trucking fleets and municipal agencies.

And for the record, the very same process and corrosion inhibitors that Krown uses on your family’s mini van is used on fork lifts and the like. So much so, Ken is pleased to say that Haldimand County have had their fleet account on Krown’s maintenance programme since 2001 – and that represents more than 50 trucks and assorted heavy equipment annually.

Here’s a case where size does not make a difference. Call Ken Parkinson of Krown Rust Control Hamilton at (905) 575-0577 for a fleet estimate today.

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