Do you know what a Krown treatment involves?

An initial and then annual Krown application is designed to slow down or inhibit corrosion on vehicles. It is a petroleum-based product with rust inhibitors and contains no solvents. Further and perhaps best of all, it is environmentally safe, contains no toxins, is non-flammable, is non-reactive, is non-corrosive, and can be sprayed in any weather.

The product must get into the seams and around spot welds to work effectively. Moisture causes corrosion, so an effective rust inhibitor needs to be thin enough to penetrate anywhere that water can. After the product is applied the excess product drips off. The majority of the dripping occurs within 24-48 hours. Residue may dissipate naturally or Krown can provide you with a cleaning product that will remove any driveway stains with very little effort.

Krown’s product is sprayed into every corner of the vehicle – or piece of machinery. As it contacts metal, it lifts the moisture off and out of seams. It then continues to repel moisture by setting up a moisture resistant bond on the surface of the metal. Soap and water will NOT diminish its effectiveness.

Certain areas of a vehicle can only be accessed by drilling or cutting small holes in key spots. These holes are treated with a special compound so even if the vehicle is never sprayed again these areas will NOT rust. Each hole is then plugged with a grommet that leaves a clean, neat finish.

The Krown treatment is self-healing and is constantly ‘creeping’, remaining active to continuously repel moisture and keep it away from the metal’s surface. Krown even lubricates many moving parts on a vehicle such as door locks, brake cables, power antennas, etc. Conventional coating products cannot do this.

And, unless the manufacturer warranty on your vehicle expressly states that third party rust control products will void the warranty, using Krown products should NOT void your vehicle’s manufacturer warranty.

Call Krown Rust Control Hamilton at (905) 575-0577 today. Isn’t it nice to find something that hinders the aging process of your vehicle – and protects its value?


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