On the road again…

For the past few months we’ve been talking about Krown Rust Control Hamilton and their busy location onRymal Road East.

But Ken Parkinson would also like you to be aware that many of his industrial and commercial clients cannot come to him.

Being the enterprising individual that he is, a few years ago he decided that there was a business opportunity that was impossible to overlook. And so came about Krown Rust Control Hamilton’s mobile application.

We’ll let Ken explain it. “We offer a mobile application solution for fleets. We go to their facilities or yard and prep and spray commercial vehicles. Longstanding clients include the Hamilton Conservation Authority,HaldimandCounty, Cardi Construction, and countless landscaping companies.”

While there may be a car or two in the mix, most of the applications are applied to heavy equipment, such as gravel trucks, front-end loaders, excavators, dozers of all sizes – and much more. “We offer a service where we go to the customer and spray their fleet in their yard at a time that is best for the customer. This way there is no down time for them or their equipment. In fact, we work weekends and evenings – whatever works best for the customer.”

According to Ken, fleet owners and managers understand the importance of preventive maintenance. To them the Krown process is essential for anyone wanting to protect their investment. Not too surprising when some single pieces of equipment might cost upwards of a quarter of a million dollars. Owners know that keeping all their equipment in peak operating condition cuts down on additional unplanned repairs and maintenance. Krown’s unique application reduces maintenance costs by decreasing corrosion in areas such as wiring, hydraulic lines and fittings, brake lines and gas lines.

Krown Rust Control Hamilton has years of experience professionally rust-proofing all different vehicle types. To book an appointment or obtain a quote, call them at (905) 575-0577.