Krown Rust Control Hamilton FAQ – part 2

Here we have the second part of our refresher on Krown Rust Control Hamilton; some more frequently asked questions by customers.

When is the best time of year to have my car sprayed?

If your vehicle has never been protected, then the best time to spray it is right now. From a corrosion point of view, the corrosion process is most active in the spring and summer months due to the increase in temperature. However, an annual application of Krown, regardless of the time of year it is applied, will provide 12 months protection against corrosion.

Can you treat cars that already exhibit signs of rust?

Both new and used vehicles are susceptible to rust and their product works on both. Krown is absorbed into existing corrosion and pushes out any moisture, thus slowing any further corrosion down significantly. However, if your budget and circumstances allow, we would highly recommend that you have an estimate prepared for any bodywork required.

How do they know where to spray?

Krown technicians go to training seminars every year to learn how to spray efficiently and effectively – as well as to receive updates on new techniques for late model vehicles. Professional training videos demonstrating the proper application process are also used to ensure that the correct procedure for application is performed on all vehicles. Krown is the only company in the industry with this comprehensive training program.

Doesn’t washing the vehicle defeat the purpose of treating it?

After your vehicle is treated at Krown Rust Control Hamilton your vehicle receives a wash. We are cleaning the excess product off of the windows and painted surfaces where the product is not active. To be clear; the rust inhibitor itself cannot be removed from the metal with plain old soap and water.

Become a believer! Call Krown Rust Control Hamilton at (905) 575-0577 today. Isn’t it nice to find something that hinders the aging process of your vehicle – and protects its value?