Hedging your bets

Today, vehicle safety is at its highest standard in history. While higher prices and the abundance of safety features and added technology continues, generally-speaking, we are all now looking to hold onto our cars, trucks or vans for much longer.

However, over time, rust can weaken important structural elements, compromising your vehicle’s structural integrity and therefore its safety. A sure sign of an aging vehicle is visible rust. Krown’s petroleum-based annual rust protection not only helps to maintain vehicle safety, but also helps your vehicle look like new.

Whether your vehicle is new or used, a Krown application will keep the body of the vehicle in great shape, giving vehicle owners the flexibility to keep the vehicle or sell it at maximum value.

In fact, if you were to sit down and do the math, you may be surprised to learn that Krown Rust Control can – and will, save you money over the long haul.

The average Canadian will buy 10-12 vehicles in their lifetime. Next to a house, a vehicle for personal or business use is probably your second single largest expenditure. What if you could keep your car longer – and buy half as many vehicles? What would that mean to you financially? Off the bat, you would save many thousands of dollars on vehicles purchased – and the depreciation costs. Now look a little deeper: it could mean your children’s college and university tuitions, your personal retirement plan and even less or no mortgage at all!

Krown may be protecting vehicles from rust, but the result of a longer-lasting vehicle with fewer repairs stretches beyond the one hour a year our customers spend at Krown Rust Control Hamilton getting their annual rust protection.

Call Ken Parkinson at Krown Rust Control Hamilton, (905) 575-0577 today. A professional resource, he and his staff can help you on your way and prolong the life of your vehicle.