When a typical car wash may not be enough

As you already know, in an attempt to keep our highways and byways clear of snow, ice and general sludge during the winter, local municipalities use all manner of product to help them in their mission. Common products used include sand, magnesium chloride and, of course, the always unwelcome salt. Of course, this is not the salt you might liberally apply to your serving of French fries, but a calculated blend of road salt that helps to quickly melt and dissipate ice on our road’s surfaces.

All three products can and will create their own unique set of issues for the underside of any vehicle – including inside dark and rarely examined cavernous wheel wells.

But today it is possible to combat the long-term damage that sodium chloride based products can do to your car. Bring your vehicle into Krown Rust Control Hamilton and have the underside treated with an environmentally safe vehicle wash and desalting agent referred to as MR35.

Krown’s techs will thoroughly spray under your car, truck or van this active foamed material. It is allowed to sit for a few minutes and then it is systematically rinsed off with blasts of fresh water from industrial pressure washers. MR35’s unique formula also contains a powerful drying agent that will add a protective layer.

And, if you have taken the trouble to help prolong your vehicle’s life, now might be the time to consider a full Krown application.

Call Ken Parkinson at Krown Rust Control Hamilton, (905) 575-0577 today. Isn’t it nice to find someone who understands and can help hinder the aging process of your vehicle – while protecting its value?