Safety – everyone’s number one concern

Today, automotive safety is at its highest standard in history. Engineers the world over continue to work tirelessly to provide you with a much safer vehicle that five, 10 or even 20 years ago would have been unheard. The design and structural process have all been contributing factors.

Other than an accident, do you know what the single most damaging thing can be to your car or machinery? Moisture. Water can and will over time cause corrosion. Corrosion may lead to the very integrity of your vehicle being compromised. And that can be dangerous. A silent and sometimes even invisible danger. Combine severe corrosion with an accident and you have a sure recipe for something terrible more likely to occur.

You see, over time, rust can weaken important structural elements, compromising your vehicle’s structural integrity and therefore its overall safety. Krown’s technicians are trained to access important structural areas like frame rails, door pillars and of course the thousands of spot welds that hold your vehicle together. This thorough application process is necessary to protect your vehicle’s safety and sets Krown apart from any other rust protection on the market.

A sure sign of an aging vehicle is visible rust. When corrosion is visible, it’s obvious. But rust may not always be seen by the naked eye. Regardless, Krown’s annual rust protection not only helps to maintain vehicle safety, but also helps your vehicle look like new for longer. Whether your vehicle is driven-off-the-lot-new or even previously enjoyed, a thorough and exacting Krown application will keep the body of the vehicle in great shape, giving vehicle owners the flexibility to keep the vehicle longer – or sell it for maximum value.

Developed for harsh southernOntarioclimates and heavy wear and tear, the Krown product provides exceptional protection and lubrication on all kinds of vehicles, machinery, electrical connections and even all metal parts. Call Krown Rust Control Hamilton at 905-575-0577 today. Isn’t it nice to find something that hinders the aging process of your vehicle – and

protects its value?


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