Do you hate winter and road salt?

While the winter season in this part of the world is relatively short, those few months can wreak havoc on so many things – from clothing and shoes to the interior of your vehicle – specifically, the carpet-like material and mats we tend to ignore.

This region’s road crews aggressively deal with whatever winter throws down. The resulting slushy grimy mess can destroy so much, so quickly and initially, the invasive qualities of the road sand salt cocktail may not be evident – until it begins to dry out.

Now, you can purchase from Krown Rust Control Hamilton a 400-gram aerosol can for $9.95 called Salt Eliminator™.

Have the ability to fight back against the expensive damage caused by the constant winter barrage of harmful road salt build up and its tell-tale dried-out stains. This patented product gives you the power of a cleaning. Fight back. Remove harmful road salt build-up and stains.

Krown’s Salt Eliminator™ was originally developed for professional applications on vehicles and now, this specialty product is being used by auto dealerships, body shops, car washes and automotive detailers from coast to coast. Today you can be just like them – for a fraction of the cost. Buy a few cans at the start of the winter season and eliminate salt stains like a pro.

Safely treat winter coats and gloves, boots and shoes – even water softener parts and tanks, each of your vehicle’s interior and mats, garage door and tracks – anywhere salt and it’s corrosive powers can come in contact. There are too many possible applications to list.

All you need do is shake the can well and spray the area until it is thoroughly soaked. Allow the salt-eliminating action to work for 10 seconds, then dab, wipe, brush or vacuum the area. Good as new.

Call Krown Rust Control Hamilton at 905-575-0577 today. Come on down and see for yourself. Isn’t it nice to find something that hinders the aging process of your vehicle and household items – and protects its value?


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