Buy, sell or trade… an endless cycle

OK, so let’s be perfectly frank; all auto manufacturers would be really happy if you were to consider trading in your vehicle and driving off with a newer, latest and greatest model every three to four years.

Ever wondered why a dealership’s leasing programmes tend to be, generally 36 or 48 months?

Economically, that is not feasible for everyone out there who drives.

No matter how you look at it, it’s all a matter of costs – and values.

For example, one of Ken Parkinson Krown Rust Control Hamilton’s customers is driving a 1993 Toyota Camry with over 370,000 kilometres. The vehicle has had about $4,000 invested in it and was purchased with 100,000 kilometres on the odometer. The car still runs and drives well. Krown has treated the vehicle annually.

He’s a little curious – in spite of his good fortune; what is the useful life of a car these days?

According to Consumer Reports, this individual should be driving down the road with a big smile on his face. The owner has certainly got their money’s worth from that Camry. Consumer Reports ( says the average life expectancy of a new vehicle today is around 8 years or 250,000 kilometres. Of course, some vehicles can and indeed do go 15 years or more and up to 500,000 kilometres or more, if properly maintained.

There’s no way to tell how much longer this car will stay trouble-free. The owner, intends to run it for as long as they can, providing it does not cost them a further significant investment,

“When a vehicle exceeds 300,000 kilometres you may well be riding on borrowed time and the car is paying you back,” says John Ibbotson at theConsumerReportsAutoTestCenter. “Regular, preventative maintenance is the key to a vehicle’s longevity,” – as Ken Parkinson will attest.

So too will his many satisfied customers.

Call Krown Rust Control Hamilton at 905-575-0577 today. Isn’t it nice to find something that hinders the aging process of your vehicle – and protects its value?

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